Beautiful Words" Never Give Up , if you want to give up remember three magic words that Never Give Up . "" Do not stop trying when unsuccessful . Due to failure is God's way of teaching us about the meaning of sincerity .. "" Sometimes , the pain must be passed before the achievement of happiness . Smile as sad , because there will be happiness after that . "" Life is not just about how to reach the top , but how to keep them yangg under care . "" The best way to be happy is to fully accept any deficiencies and any excess grateful . "" In a word , why do not you humble yourself , but in your ability to show activity . "" Smile , leave sedihmu . Bahagialah , forget your fear . Pain you feel, not happy to be the equivalent of you get . "" Sometimes we have rather than succumbing to keep fighting without solving the problem . "" Decisive vary much violently . Resolute was steady in wisdom , while the hard cruel arbitrariness .. "read : a collection of funny words" Sometimes happiness when we could get together with the people we love is far more meaningful than happy as a material . "" The light of life is the family , is a light hearted good deeds . "" Do not hate yourself if you do not like the fact that you want. Whatever it is you . Pride in yourself "" When something goes well , do not regret . 'Cause if you believe , something better was waiting tuk you approached . God is Good ! "" Do not mengancurkan happiness of others simply because of jealousy burning in your heart "" Sight up to akhiratmu affairs and sight down to business then your world will live in safety. "" Happiness is like coke , he obtained as a byproduct in the process of making something . ( Aldous Huxley ) "" Friendship is a series of stories that make our lives more colorful . ""The extraordinary is simple in words, but great in action ( Confucius ) "" Happiness is a matter of sorrow that God favors must be grateful . Learn to enjoy and be grateful for all that God has given . ""The best is the one that we expect kindness and we sheltered from the ills .. "" Attitude is more important than appearance , giftedness , or the most amazing keahlian.Hal adlh We have a choice on our attitude . "" There's nothing wrong in showing you care about someone , which one is expecting him on doing the same thing . "" If the love was unrequited then bersukurlah , because you will be chosen God better .. "" Do not mind him who hates you , he is not a man who deserve your attention . Important clincher is he who is always there for you . "" When anger peaked , patience is the best option . Anger does not solve the problem , and it does not mean succumbing to defeat . "" One way to be sincere is to assume whatever is done is not a burden , but a pleasure . "" Happiness will never run out just as split . Recognize , happiness increases when you are willing to share . "" Respect every dream that you have. Due from there will be formed a passion to realize the dream come true . "" Love you, any bad your past . Because today you're starting something new , the best of you for your future . "" Education is the best in the world pay attention to the experts as they work . - Michael Jackson "" Only those who are strong to say the word sorry , but for those who can forgive the person who is stronger . "" Persistence and patience when combined into a huge capital to succeed . "" One second elapsed time , will never get back . Then do not waste the time we have "" In this life , sharing with others gives life a sense of peace . Sharing sincerely selfless giving a feeling of joy . "
regards "Bantoel"


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