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Google Adsense is one of the programs PPC ( Pay Per Click ) is most favored by Indonesian publishers to monetize their sites . Since Google Adsense support Indonesian language website in 2012 ago , a lot of Indonesian bloggers who registering them in the Google Adsense blog . Unfortunately , to become a member and earn revenue from Google Adsense was not an easy thing . In fact there are difficulties on how to register Google Adsense , when in fact I register on Google 's PPC program is not difficult really.Many bloggers are already signed up , but not all accepted into the Google Adsense publisher . This is because a website or blog listed do not meet the criteria expected by Google . Google Adsense parties want a website / blog which publisher sites they are qualified and meet the rules ( TOS ) them .In the past , the way the list was Google Adsense is very easy . But as the growth and development of the Internet , Google Adsense has made many changes to their service and adapted to the changes. Creating a blog perfunctory and filled with content that is very " shallow " , and then register it in the Google Adsense is a futile act because it definitely will not be accepted .Related article : $ 100 per day from Google AdSense , want ?So how do I sign up for Google Adsense so quickly accepted ? Uniqueness , value selling , and originality of a website is a very important requirement in order to be accepted by Google Adsense . PPC is an advertising program as well as other advertising programs . They would want a website that they can serve ads on sale or good marketing for advertisers . The actual process of signing up is very easy , but to be accepted on the Google PPC program , you should consider several important things .

Learn more about how to register with Google AdsenseBefore registering , you should consider some of the following important points that received greater opportunities :1 . Creating Unique Content on Your SiteAs mentioned previously , the originality of an idea or content on your website is an important value for Google Adsense . They pay attention to whether the content in a useful website for others or not .The actual content on the internet , many are discussing the same topic . However , the way of presentation or writing a different way . For example , you write about " how to grow a rose " , of course there is a lot of content on other sites that discuss this . However , writing the content and present it in the way your blog is different with the content on other people's blogs . Well, if your content is the result of copy and paste from other sources , most likely your site will not be approved to participate in the Google AdSense PPC program .2 . The Registered Note Age SiteLet's not be too hasty to register your blog to Google Adsense because they pay attention to the age of the website , amount of content , number of visitors , page views , and others . If you currently have a blog that is already 6 months old , already filled a lot of content , and has a stable unique visitors , it could convince the Google Adsense that your blog is a good place to advertise .3 . Note Total Content In A Website / BlogTotal content is one of the important factors to be accepted in Google Adsense . I'm not sure what the minimum amount of content on a website in order to be accepted , but I personally would be more readily accepted if the website we have a lot of content . I personally suggest to create a minimum of 60 content articles before enrolling in Google Adsense .To form a blog site , you should be diligent in updating the content on your blog because this could affect the valuation of Google . Blogs are frequently updated by their owners will certainly have a better chance accepted by Google Adsense compared with the blogs that are rarely updated .4 . Use , or YouTube.comWell , it is very important to note . If you already have a domain and hosting your own , then the chances to be accepted by Google Adsense will be greater , of course, by taking into account the previous points . However , if you want to use a free domain & hosting , and want to be a publisher of Google Adsense , then you should use .Google Adsense can not be installed on a blog created by either the domain or subdomain on WordPress itself is using free hosting on WordPress . It is the policy of ( TOS ) from the own , can be read here . is a free blog service provided by the Google. Surely this is a distinct advantage for those who use it as long as the party I always give the user the opportunity to to monetize their blog with Google Adsense program .If you do not want to create a blog , there are still other ways , namely through . Surely you must have some original video content uploaded to . This video should have quite a lot of views to be accepted in the Google Adsense program .5 . Supporting informationIt's good your site is equipped with supporting information pages , such as pages About, Privacy Policy , Contact , TOS . It will make your site look seriously and pay attention to your blog visitors .

Learn more about how to register with Google AdsenseContent that you do not have to make " extraordinary " to be accepted by Google Adsense . The important thing is to present useful content to others and must be written in a unique way , not the result of copying other people's content . There are many bloggers who have a regular income from Google Adsense ads on their blogs , ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month . Well, if you want memonitize website / blog by way of advertising , Google Adsense one PPC program that you should consider .

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